tasteless violence

you're running down my thigh.
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Anonymous whispered:list: 10 attractive celebrities. 9 artists you'd recommend. 8 things you would buy with a million bucks. 7 things that annoy you. 6 things you're paranoid about. 5 new foods you'd like to try. 4 places you'd like to go. 3 things you'd like to change. 2 things or people who have changed your life. 1 thing you're afraid of.

How fun!

10. Nick Cave, Chloe Sevigny, Humphrey Bogart, Annie Clark, Josh Homme, Adam Scott, Emilia Clarke, Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Jason Schwartzman.

9. Goodness, all of them! Uhhh - Nick Drake, Father John Misty, Neil Young, Pity Sex, Sam Cooke, All Them Witches, Kurt Vile, the Feelies, Yim Yames!

8. My mother everything she wanted and could ever need. My father everything he wanted and could ever need. A puppy ranch. Expensive booze and wine. A volvo station wagon or a Chevy chevette. New cars for my friends. A cottage on a lake with a hammock and a dog pool. Stupid amounts of records.

7. Mouth breathers. Improper use (and apathy towards the improper use) of the word ‘literally’. The question ‘are you on your period or something?’ I probably am but fuck you. Things not being put back where they belong. People that are excessive, for example: you have a sponge that is partially used but they open a new one. Bad drivers. Gum poppers!

6. Cops no matter what, people being able to read my mind haha, things coming out wrong or coming off as an ass, what people assume about me in general, my dog getting sick or hurt, my nuvaring falling out, getting any sort of disease. That was 7 but I could go on…

5. Yellow tail sushi, more Indian food, a legitimate falafel, authentic gelato, everyone’s dad’s chili.

4. Greece, France, Switzerland, an island of some sort.

3. Three isn’t enough. People would buy more music and support their local artists. People wouldn’t be so corrupt or selfish. Babies and puppies and kittens would never be hurt.

2. Music and everyone. Is that generic? I love you all really.

1. Accepting myself as adult and being responsible.

How fun! Thanks anon friend. Sorry this took so long to respond to!

laceydaysofsummer whispered:You're pretty.

You’re pretty! And a sweet, sweet lady whose company I truly enjoy!

There are so many attractive people in this world.

Jack Nicholson is 77 today.

my thirst for older men is strong


fohk: Tenebre (1982) Dario Argento


fohkTenebre (1982) Dario Argento